We Are Your Technology Partner

Founded in 1983, we provide information technology based solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses and a diverse professional clientele. Whether general consulting, planning & design, training, complete system implementation, or technical support — we have a simple, focused goal: make a difference. From notebooks to networks; from accounting to office productivity to medical practice management; we address all of the information processing and Internet security needs of our clients.

Why Use an IT Professional?

Consider identifying and vetting one only if you value the security of your company's data, your relationship with your customers, your clients, your patients, or your employees. The value placed on IT product selection and deployment, employee training, and ongoing support directly transfers to your end product or service. How often do you see an employee struggle even with fundamental business applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, or email? The product list is almost endless with business owners and managers who presume that their staff will quickly "pick it up".

Secure All Internet-Enabled Devices

Every Internet-facing device needs some method of protection from inbound malware or intrusion. While it seems that no platform is impenetrable, your best effort must be in place to prevent a compromise of systems and data. Increasingly, it is not appropriate to assume the website you are browsing has any meaningful tools to protect your user experience on their site. There are many products on the marketplace; from fee to free. Is it necessary to pay for malware protection when you can download a free product?

Hyperlinks : Risky Business

One of the easiest ways to get infected is through a little mouse-click. Be prudent as you consider clicking a link on a webpage or in an email. Does the link direct you off of the original domain you accessed or the one with which you are familiar? If the link is in an email, do you know the sender? Did you request this message and/or content? Anti-malware software can help protect us, but we are still driving and we are in control of our destiny. Ask yourself: "Do I need to follow this link? Is there any risk? Is this PC mission-critical?"

So ... How do I close that Rogue Antivirus pop-up?

Sometimes referred to as "scareware", this program often appears in a fake window reporting to you that you already have hundreds (or thousands) of viruses on your PC. The unsuspecting user is then encouraged to purchase an antivirus product designed specifically to address the problems.

At this point, we have at least two facts: anything you click on this rogue window will be a mistake, and the attempted purchase of such is actually the worst decision that could be made because then the perpetrator will have all of your credit card data on the card you use for this transaction.

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