As our engagements involve mainstream products as well as client-specific proprietary applications, we offer one-on-one or group training on a diversity of topics. Our instructional roles range from basic use to product upgrades to mastery of a product's specific features. In order to achieve the best result, we constantly adjust our training method to the needs of the client's staff. Click on this article's title to learn more.

Proper Training is Key

Our first client engagement was training a client's staff on a newly installed accounting software system. Using a combination of small group and individual instruction techniques, we enabled a staff with no technology background to successfully implement the new system with a minimum of stress. Helping the staff develop an understanding of the relationship between data entry on the old ledger system and the accounting software was critical. Quickly establishing a comfort level for each staff member was the key.

Client Staff Training

We conduct both on-site and off-site staff training in time segments ranging from two to eight hours. The decision as to venue is largely a result of balancing resources and convenience against distractions. Training our client's staff is completely structured to the stated needs and desired competency to be attained. From basic instruction regarding PCs, specific office automation tasks, or custom developed documents and templates supporting specific projects, we understand the corporate value associated with competence.

Publicly Available Classes

We have been involved with training seminars for more than twenty years. More recently, we have begun offering to the public courses we developed in part for the needs of clients. These courses range from technology tips to applications such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and others. In 2010, we began offering some of these training opportunities to CPAs in pursuit of continuing education. Please contact us for schedule and venues.


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