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Our firm provides a variety of services, many of which are outlined below. Needs assessment is often the most overlooked aspect of systems design and problem resolution. We approach every task with an awareness of what our client's needs are today as well as where they will be in the coming months and years. Any IT firm can be called upon to be a firefighter. We strive to develop and guide our clients so that together, we can implement a plan that helps prevent the urgencies.

We actively review our clients uses and daily procedures of Servers, PCs, Tablets, SmartPhones, Remote access, and more with the focus on data security. We design procedures/policies for managing the impact of employees devices (BYOD) on company data security. We guide the selection, procure, and install appropriate security products for endpoint management as well as single-install PC products. Password management is an often avoided area that must receive better attention going forward in any business. We develop achievable practices for our clients with regard to security over their data; locally and across the Internet.

As our engagements involve mainstream products as well as client-specific proprietary applications, we offer one-on-one or group training on a diversity of topics. Our instructional roles range from basic use to product upgrades to mastery of a product's specific features. In order to achieve the best result, we constantly adjust our training method to the needs of the client's staff. Click on this article's title to learn more.

We assess, design, and install most data network components. Whether small office peer-to-peer workgroups to medium-sized business networks including servers & PCs, firewalls & switches, document scanning solutions, and IP phone systems. We provide cable installation, testing, identification and generate physical network topology documentation. If your network equipment has been in place more than four years, now is the time for a review.

We design policies and implement product solutions for data protection and data loss prevention. All businesses possess mission-critical data as well as data considered private (financial, personnel, HIPAA compliant) that is at risk for loss. Whether intrusion prevention, data theft, data corruption, or accidental loss, we can provide solutions that specifically address offsite versus onsite backup, data file synchronization, restoration, and redundancy.

Often a procedure never completed by most businesses. We review and document existing physical network topology before we assess whether it's design effectively supports the data flow in existing (and planned) business processes. Our recommendation may be simple adjustments in existing equipment that could render measurably improved performance.

We provide timely technical support for every product we install. Our thirty years of industry experience contributes to effective troubleshooting and repair of PC components, Server, Network, Printers and Scanners. Often overlooked, as we consider our electronics as maintenance-free, we provide evaluation and scheduled preventive maintenance of all data network components,